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When you upload reviews after using mask, we are going to send you a new product through a raffle*Up to 120,000 won worth

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It is Muilli that knows my skin better than me and takes care of my skin more than I do. Now, saying "Let's Muilli" is better than just saying "let's take care of our skin together. Yes~ Let's MUILLI together.

The plasma massage is recommended for 10 minutes per day and it gives energy to the skin as plasma is projected onto the skin. If you do plasma massage for 10 minutes before you put on makeup, your makeup will work much better. I think it's important that not only going to a dermatology but also taking care of skin every day

Wow. What a classy packaging! it's a very fresh thing <3 I've connected the Wi-Fi, taken the pictures, and then transmitted them, so I've got a skin type and even a kind explanation to add more moisture. Also it recommends me a mask pack. I ordered 3 kinds of the mask packs because they are during the experience period. Now, skin care is self-help.