AI Skin-mate in my hand

Skin Diagnosis, Analyses of environmental factors that affect your skin, On-demand Solution & Skincare Tip


• Talk to your skin

• Muilli is Everything what a women wants

Diagnosis∙Analysis + Skin Trainer

• Short-range wireless communication connection, interlocking Private Application

• Kin capital letter : Mounting small camera, moisture balance, Temperature, PH

• Analyses of environmental factors that affect your skin : real-time UV·Temperature

• Humidity On-demand Solution & skincare Tip Push Alarm

• Management of personal skin history


• Plasma Massage : Sterilization and disinfection, skin rejuvenation / Excellence in moisturizing (Hydrophilic)

Skin Diagnosis

• Possessing healthier skin by consulting with a dermatologist

• Skin sensing

• Moisture balance

• Temperature

• Skin PH

• High magnification camera capturing the skin with high definition

On-demand Solution &Skincare Tip

• On-demand Solution & Skincare Tip Push Alarm

• Use Environment Sensing

• Alarm for rehydration and improvement of skin sensitivity

• Alarm for UV adjustment

Enhanced interaction with User

• Motivated through the character development

• After conduct skincare Quest

OEM/ODM is negotiable